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To say thank you for subscribing to my newsletter, here's a HOT COPY bonus scene, HOT BIRTHDAY. Download HOT BIRTHDAY from BookFunnel now!

Hot Birthday Cover.png

What do you get the man who has everything?


Corrine Blunt wants to get Wesley the perfect gift for his birthday, his first that they'll celebrate as a couple. Since she can't get him a spot on Red Sox roster she'll try for the next best thing: another "first".

This Hot Copy bonus story is: 

  • ​NSFW

  • about a 15 minute read

  • like very, very NSFW

And has: 

  • a mis-delivered package

  • an overly helpful octogenarian

  • tea cozies

  • lube, more than you might be expecting

  • mutual orgasms

  • no birthday cake unfortunately

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