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"A delightful office romance for the #MeToo era...this is a winner."

Corinne Blunt knows what people think of her - she's an icy, unapproachable executive. It's the price she's had to pay to get to the top. But there's knowing you have a reputation in the office, and there's hearing your new intern laugh when someone calls you "Blunt the C--t" in the elevator on his first day.

She'd hoped to finally find an ally in Wesley Chambers, but she's not about to let him off the hook for joining the office boys' club. Taking refuge in the professional boundaries between them, she relegates Wes to assistant work - which would do the trick, if he weren't so eager to prove he's a decent human being.

Wes is sincerely apologetic, insisting it was a misunderstanding, and to her surprise, Corinne believes him. Being forced to work together was one thing, but long hours at the office with what turns out to be a kind, thoughtful man soon has their business relationship turning personal, and things get complicated - fast. Could this be something more serious than either of them dared to hope for? Or is their relationship just playing into the harmful power dynamics Corinne's had to endure her entire career?

A note on content warnings: 

Hot Copy deals with themes of workplace sexual harassment, cancer, parental death, and grief. There is explicit sex and migraine rep in this book. 

- Publisher's Weekly


Listen to the character playlists that inspired HOT COPY

Cashmere Soft and Baseball Socks - the Wesley Chambers playlist

Red Lips and Cherry Chaptstick - the Corrine Blunt playlist

Praise for HOT COPY

"An intoxicating, addicting romance with a hero who stumbles his way into your heart, everything I want in a love story. Barrett's writing is sexy, smart, and fiercely feminist." - Helen Hoang, author of The Kiss Quotient, The Bride Test, and The Heart Principle


"Hot Copy has a tender, beating heart. Ruby Barrett's writing leaves me breathless." - Rosie Danan, author of The Roommate and The Intimacy Experiment

"Hot Copy is filled with evertyhing you could want in a romance: main characters who are easy to root for, a charming cast with sequel potential, and plenty of sizzling love scenes."  - Meryl Wilsner, author of Something to Talk About

"Barrett's work was a delight from start to finish. Her masterful storytelling and electric prose shined throughout." - Charish Reid, author of The Write Escape, Hearts On Hold, and (Trust) Falling for You

"Hot Copy is a sizzling debut - this book stole my heart on every blissful page." - Katie Golding, author of Fearless and Wreckless

"Barrett debuts with a delightful office romance...this is a winner." - Publisher's Weekly, starred review

Named one of the Best Romance Novels of 2021 by Vulture

Named one of 2021's Books to Watch by Apple Books

Named one of the Anticipated Debut Novels You Should Have On Your Radar In 2021 by Nerd Daily

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