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Ruby Recommends: The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

When I first heard about The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang in February 2018, I knew immediately it would be a book of my heart. What is a book of my heart, you ask? Well, I will tell you.

The Kiss Quotient: A Book of My Heart

A book of my heart is...completely indefinable. I can't sit here and tell you that it has these qualities and those characteristics. It simply speaks to me, it makes me feel and it makes me feel more. A book of my heart will:

  • likely make me cry

  • definitely be re-read multiple times

  • involve romance in some way shape or form (I mean, duh)

But Back to The Kiss Quotient

The Kiss Quotient is an #ownvoices story about thirty year old Stella Lane. She has autism and her disorder makes her very good at her job (she's an econometrician - look it up) but dating difficult. Of course, her mother wants grandbabies so this prompts Stella to hire Michael Larsen, male escort and Daniel Henney look-a-like, to help her with things like: the sex.

A lot of kissing ensues.

You'll like The Kiss Quotient if you like:

- #ownvoices (the author, Helen Hoang, was diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder in 2016)

- neurodiversity

- gender bends

- specifically, a Pretty Woman gender bend

- kissing

- really hot sex

- discovering that we have more similarities than we do differences (ie. we all just want to be loved, OK!)

- men performing stellar oral sex

- math

- specifically, calculus

Seriously though, this story is high on the steam scale and still unbelievably sweet. Do you have a book of your heart?

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